Benefiting Our Community Through:

Proceeds from the Gala will provide opportunity for local women. Opportunity for professional development, opportunity for upward economic mobility, and opportunity to do what they have always wanted but never had the support to do so. The vocational program at Crossroads has proven to be highly successful, assisting women with writing resumes, enrolling in school, providing structured internships and referrals to vocational rehabilitation services and on-the-job training, all while providing the confidence boost they need to fulfill their potential. Gala proceeds will create economic opportunities and removes barriers to existing opportunities for the women Crossroads serves and for the children who count on them. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness New Mexico

Gala proceeds will be utilized to expand three signature NAMI programs:

In Our Own Voice: Through its many affiliates, NAMI New Mexico offers a signature program called In Our Own Voices (IOOV) to community agencies and law enforcement. Via this program, people with mental health conditions share their powerful personal stories in a free, 90-minute presentation. The presenters are paid a stipend for each presentation given. Since mental illness is stigmatized and people suffering from this mental disability are often unemployed or under-employed, this program helps to financially support individuals with a mental health condition.  

Connection Support Group: Weekly recovery support group meetings are for adults 18 and over living with a mental illness. Individuals learn from each others' experiences and share coping strategies and encouragement. The Connection Support Group program helps people with a mental illness to be accountable for their recovery and find solutions to the many issues they face.  By learning accountability, participants stay on a path to recovery. The more effective they are at managing their symptoms, the better they become at staying employed and being productive citizens.

Family to Family: This evidence-based course is 12 weeks long and cover various aspects of mental illness. Participants graduate from the class feeling more knowledgeable and secure in their role as caregivers. Because family members are better equipped to handle their loved one with a mental illness, recovery is improved and sustained and the person with a mental illness is more capable of remaining employed and productive.


Albuquerque Community Foundation

The Albuquerque Community Foundation Bright Futures Fund is a donor-advised fund that allows the advisors to either help a charity today or to help the permanent needs of tomorrow; it’s a gift that works now and forever.